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Occasional rants and raves

From time to time I'm inspired to write about things that affect me profoundly. Sometimes I write about things I enjoy, other times I write about things that stick in my craw, and still other times I write about things that occupy the space in between.

I was inspired to write "Meditations on the Next 10,000 Years" after reading an excerpt of the Sandia National Labs report on a proposed Waste Isolation Protection Plant (WIPP).

Watching the joy of a mother and child on a flight home from Amsterdam moved me to write "A Song of Innocence and Experience".

The latest series of MTV print ads in the T stations and on buses got me thinking about my impending geezerhood.

Something in an article I read about "fad diseases" really pissed me off.

Here's something I wrote soon after learning of the rape of a college friend.

A month and a half after the tragedies of September 11, 2001, feeling distressed by what I viewed as overt but hollow displays of patriotism, I wrote these thoughts about where our country is headed.

Almost six months to the day after September 11, I finally finished writing down my recollection of that day and my subsequent thoughts about it.

More essays as I dig them up from previous times or am spurred to write them.



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Last updated 10 March 2002