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Peek into my psyche

I like to record my dreams, especially if they're exceptionally vivid, strange, or meaningful. I don't always manage to transcribe the whole dream, but I often try to remember as much as I can.

Some dreams, I've noticed, reflect physical needs or worries. Many of them have demonstrated concern over issues in my life, and a few of them have even been premonitions of events to come. But some of them are just plain bizarre and defy explanation, such as the time I dreamt that my leg hair was so long that it formed ringlets. :-)

One day I'd like to get around to illustrating some of my dreams. When I do, I'll be sure to put them up for viewing. But for now, without further ado, feel free to take a few glimpses into the inner workings of my mind.

Dreams listed by date:



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Last updated 14 March 2002