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Mixed media

Here I've collected some samples of my artwork in varying media. I've concentrated mostly on photography in the last couple of years because it's easier and less space-consuming than drawing or other media, and because I've lived and travelled in some very picturesque places over the last three years.

I consider drawing and photography my best skills. I also enjoy printmaking (especially lithography) a great deal, not just as a way to use my drawing skills, but because I can always keep one copy for myself even if I give away or sell the others. Papermaking was another of my favorite endeavors in college. I've tried painting as well; though I don't think I have a natural talent for it, I've managed to come up with a couple of pieces that make me think that maybe I'm not completely inept at it after all. :)

I've also done the occasional digital illustration using my wonderful Wacom drawing tablet, which is also great to use when retouching photos and montaging them to create panoramic images. I've done quite a lot of those panoramic montages in the last couple of years and will probably upload more of them soon.



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