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Never too old to play dress-up...

As a frequent participant in science fiction conventions and Renaissance festivals, I have managed to amass a decent collection of period and pseudo-period garb. I don't strive for authenticity all that much--I just care about whether the outfit looks good on me. Luckily, I seem to possess the kind of figure which works well in this kind of clothing.

Several people have mentioned to me that I look like someone out of a Renaissance painting. Maybe I was born in the wrong era? :) Naaaah...as much as I like wearing the clothes and being female, I wouldn't want to be female in an earlier century, with all the restrictions on rights/clothing/etc. that existed. As much as I love wearing corsets and long, flowing gowns and the like, I also love being able to exchange them for a pair of jeans and a T-shirt!

It's been said that there are four levels of corsetry. I leave it as an exercise to the viewer to decide which level of corsetry I've achieved in these pictures:

  1. Hello, I'm Laurie.
  2. Hello, I'm Laurie, and these are my breasts.
  3. Hello, these are my breasts, and I'm Laurie.
  4. Hello, these are my breasts.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures of me all dressed up. In case you're curious, the black gown with purple underskirt and the black velvet corset were made for me at a Goth shop in Sydney (Newtown, actually) called Gallery Serpentine. I highly recommend looking them up if you're ever out that way.


I think this is at least a Level 3!
I feel regal in this gown.
Going for the wenchy look.
Close-up shot, just because I like this one.
Baby got back...and front!
Me and my friend Megan at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.