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Laurie rambles on about music.

I love music. My first favorite song was "Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls; I can remember singing it with my mom when I was around three years old. I started piano lessons when I was around six and continued (with a year off in there somewhere) until I graduated high school. Unfortunately, that implies that I'm a much better pianist than I actually am. I hated to practice, but I loved to play. Now, of course, I regret that I didn't practice like I should've, but I still enjoy playing. I've also wanted to learn to play folk harp since I was 13; recently, a friend (hi, Jim!) gave me a 2.5-octave harp that he wasn't using, so I plan to start as soon as I find a good teach-yourself-harp book.

I never really listened to the radio until I was in middle school. Until then, my listening repertoire consisted mainly of old Broadway musicals and Tom Lehrer, with some of my mom's contemporary albums thrown in. I used to play my Atari 2600 with the sound turned down so that I could sing along to musicals and Lehrer. I suspect this explains rather a lot about me. :-}

These days my listening list is much more varied. I still love musicals and Tom Lehrer, but I also like folk music, both traditional and modern; 80s music -- you know, all that synthpop by people in heavy makeup and frilly shirts; classical and opera; novelty --such as Weird Al and other Dr. Demento stalwarts -- and satirical music; a bit of country and of rap; a cappella, both original and covers; old-time music, like bluegrass; good pop music (and I am the arbiter of good pop music....deal with it); and plain ol' rock 'n' roll. I like to evangelize for the music I love, so here are a bunch of links to their sites, in no particular order.

Laurie-Bob sez, "Check 'em out!"

Jim Infantino and Jim's Big Ego

Acid folk from a singer/songwriter who is by turns hilarious, tender, and melancholy. A wonderful live performer.

The Whitlams

My favorite Australian band! Hard to categorize -- think piano-driven pop with influences from Irish drinking songs, blues, country, honky-tonk, jazz, and more.

Dan Bern

Bob Dylan was the Dan Bern of the sixties, except more serious. :)

Moxy Fruvous

Originally a cappella, always fabulous. Tight four-man harmonies, amusing and imaginative lyrics. Who wouldn't love a band who could make a medley out of "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Dancing Queen"?


My other favorite Australian band. Three talented and funny women with guitars, funny as hell on stage. I like to compare them a bit to the Indigo Girls, except more irreverent and rude.

Christine Lavin

The queen of modern folk and a fantastic live performer, she's (where have I written this before?) hilarious and introspective.

Hypnotic Clambake

"Like a bar mitzvah on acid," a reviewer once wrote. These boys tackle rock, klezmer, cajun, Balkan, lounge, old-time, and other kinds of music with gusto and humor.


More bands to be listed whenever I get a round tuit.